Posted by : AVINASH CHAKRAVARTHI Friday, 15 March 2013

there are many way of communicating wireless
IR (infrared):-
  • RF(radio frequency):-

    Here we will not concentrate much on how rf frequency works rather we will concentrate how we should use rf for controlling our robots by 4 or 6 or 8 channels.

    •  4 channel

     it means u can control four output or (2 motors with bi-direction)  
           main components required:-
  •     RF Module (Transmitter & Receiver)
   i have displayed 443 MHz which is usually preferred 

  •  circuit diagrams:- 

    transmitter ckt


    here pin 10,11,12,13 are connected to  the push buttons (inputs)

    receiver ckt:-

 here 10,11 12,13 were the outputs u need to connect the load are relays to switch into different circuit
  • if u are connecting  the relay to the output u need to follow the the  below ckt

here the control is attached to the any of the output pin (10 or 11 or 12 or 13)
 when pin 10 in the encoder is pressed pin 10 in the decoder will be high so it switches the relay the output connected to the relay will be on
  •  if u want to control the motor bidirectional u need to follow below ckt 
  D0 connected to 10 and D1 connected to 11th pin of decoder
if u pressed 10 and 11 in encoder the pins 10 and 11 in decoders will be high and motors rotates clockwise,
if u pressed 10 alone  motor rotate anti clockwise,
if u pressed 11 alone motor stop rotating.
  • 8 bit channel:-

    it means u can control 8 motors or 4 motors(bi directional)

    • components required
        ht 640 (encoder)
        ht 648l (decoder)
        RF Module (Transmitter & Receiver)
  • circuit diagram:-


    reciever ckt :-


    (  i'm sorry to  inform u the above mentioned ic's are rarely available in India as it was banned by Indian govt due to some unspecified reasons.)

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