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Bluetooth based home automation system

Monday, 3 March 2014
This project is a fine combination of Android mobile technology and embedded system. An application should be installed on android mobile handset to control various home appliances. User can send commands using that application. Wireless controlling technique used in this project is Bluetooth technology. This project consists of a Bluetooth receiver. This Bluetooth device is connected to the circuit which has a decoder. This decoder sends code for respective command sent by user. Then the respective device connected to the circuit will be turned on or off depending on the command given.

Block Diagram:

Transmitter / Controlling unit

Description in detail:
This project mainly consists of following blocks:
1) Android mobile
2) Bluetooth receiver unit
3) Microcontroller
4) LCD Display
5) Relays
6) Output devices
Applications and Advantages:
1. Home automation – This project can be used to control various Home Appliances
2. We can control device from a long distance, thus it gives ease of access.
3. Faster operation and efficient.                                                                                                        
4. No need to carry separate remote or any other controlling unit.
Future Development:
1. We can interface sensors to this project so that it can monitor some parameters

APP interface:

working video:
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