1. first year projects

  •  mobile controlled car
  Heart of this project is DTMF tone (Dual-Tone- Multi- Frequecy ).
  Every key in our keypad of mobile(0-9 including * and #) will have one min and one max    frequency .so every key will have it's own uniqueness.
 MT8870/HT1970 any of these two ics are used to decode this frequencies .
a corresponding responce of this inputt will be observed at pin 11 to pin 14 of this ics
(for more information just google for mt8870 pin description)
the outputs from mt8870 are connected to the not gate which will inverse the logics(1 to 0 and 0 to 1) these logics are give to arduino (here 1'm using arduino duemilanove 328)
u are free to use any arduino and atmega 16A also preferable 
program is written in such a way that 
when key 2 is pressed the two motors connected to l293d(motor driver ic) should rotate clockwise   
when key 8 is pressed two motors rotates anticlockwise,
when key 4  is pressed motor 1 clockwise motor 2 anticlockwise,
when key 6 is pressed motor 1 anticlockwise motor 2 clockwise.

 click here for more details
  •  vu meter (volume unit)
     the main aim of this project is to make leds response to music.in details it means the           level of led glows will be synonymous to the peak of the music
      i hope this project will be liked by music lovers
  coming to electronics view of this project , it can be made by either using any op-amps  or transistors. here i'm making this vu meter with the transistors

some other applications: it can be used to find the charged amount of any battery

         will be updated soon!!!

  • wireless mobile charger
 it based on mutual induction between receiver coil and transmitter coil .
to study more about the wireless charger click the below link

          click here!!
2.second year projects

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  1. How can i see the mobile controlled car file ?


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